Clearly Not A Fan

Declan: [being overdramatic] “Ouch! That hurt my finger!”

Bryan: “Yikes! Maybe you should write an opera about it.”

Declan: “What’s an opera?”

Bryan: “A long, loud song where you whine about bad things happening to you.”

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  1. Sizzle

    Ha HA ha HA!

    so true. 😉

  2. Sassy

    Abso-freakin-lutely. Awesome!!!!

  3. samantha Jo Campen

    He forgot to mention the horns.

  4. painted maypole

    hey! I start rehearsals for an opera tomorrow (no joke, I am scared out of my wits!)… and you left out the part that it’s in ITALIAN!!! (have I mentioned that it’s my FIRST ever opera? And that I’m not really a fan either? and that I don’t know Italian? And that I’m scared I’ll make a total a** of myself?!)

  5. Bon

    giggling. made me think of the “goodbye Thing, you sing too long” part of Hop on Pop. which is more the level of our cultural intake here at our house these days.

  6. Mrs. Chicken


    Very accurate!

  7. ali

    yes ma’am…that pretty much sums ’em up right there! 🙂

  8. sue

    So THAT’S what an opera is… *snicker*

  9. Nadine

    Hahahaha! True.

  10. boogiemum (

    Ooh, I am going to have to remember that line for my kids :0)

  11. laurie

    Bryan is HILARIOUS.

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