Colorado Is For Lovers - Huge Photo Gallery - Concert Festival

Huge Photo Gallery: Colorado Is For Lovers Music Festival

I owe everyone from Colorado Is For Lovers an apology. This event happened here in Denver in late August and, yes, I am just finishing editing the photos now. In my defense, I started out with thousands because it was an ALL DAY AND NIGHT music festival at Levitt Pavilion. The band Hawthorne Heights put this “Is For Lovers” idea together and held events in Kansas, Colorado and Ohio for 2022, filled with acts they curated themselves.

Here in Denver, we had a rollercoaster weather day – starting with blazing heat to pouring rain and a lighting delay (mostly felt by Hot Mulligan) to a beautiful crisp Colorado evening. I tried to capture the exuberance of the day – another reason I could barely get the gallery under 200 photos. Locals (and pals) My Body Sings Electric started us off and no one stopped (except during that damn monsoon) until The Wonder Years stepped off stage late in the evening.

I, for one, am hoping that the Is For Lovers fest comes back next year. And I pinky promise to have photos up much, much quicker next time.

Is For Lovers Festival

Colorado Is For Lovers - Huge Photo Gallery

P.S. You can still get merch from the fest!

Colorado Is For Lovers
Denver Music Festival Photos

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