Coming Out Day

Well, I kinda already had my coming out day, didn’t I? I was scared to death to go against the grain and talk about my anti-Lactivist feelings, but you all have been really wonderful. And even the people who scolded me on Mile High Mamas did it in a thoughtful-I-just-believe-in-my-cause kind of way.

But the way I have felt must pale in comparison to people who feel like they need to hide who they are every single day of their lives. People who just happen to love others of the same sex.

So in honor of National Coming Out Day, please go read my friend MB’s post and in turn her link to Lorraine Barr’s Newsweek story.

Maybe someday there will be no need to hide.

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  1. Anonymous

    Right on!!

  2. laurie

    very nice.

  3. Anonymous

    Another person hiding behind Anonymous to say THANK YOU!

  4. Kelly O


  5. zenrain

    believe it or not even here in casper we had a coming out day ceremony honoring our friends carl & rob, and jason & guy (who was the first gay mayor of casper, and even on larry king live one night!)

  6. MB

    And thank you all, too!

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