Dear King Soopers Pharmacist

We were 3 doses shy of the full amount of Declan’s antibiotics again this time. I say “again,” because this is the fourth time it has happened. The amazing part is the last three times we have had a prescription filled for this sort of thing, sinus infection, ear infection, whatever – the stuff he gets quite frequently, because, oh, yeah, HE’S A KID – I *have* mentioned the problem to you. And what did I get in return? Concern? Apologies? Promises to make sure there would be enough medicine next time?

(Medicine, which by the way, I have to pay full price for because I am on an HSA and while it’s nice that I have a spending account to pull the money from and it all goes toward my deductible, the point is I am still paying full price for every single prescription I get. Prescriptions I could be making car payments with.)

So, when I mention all this to you, and politely ask you to make sure there is enough to account for waste, what do I get? Rolling. of. the. eyes. ~I CAN SEE YOU, MR. SMUG PHARMACY MAN.~ There is no wall of invisibility vibrating up from that shelf of pills you hide behind. I can see you when you roll your eyes and you get annoyed with my questions. But you know what, after the THIRD time of being several days shy of the magic 10 day antibiotic dosage number, I feel I have the right to ask. Did you know, there is a lecture from the doctor EVERY TIME YOU GO about how antibiotics are worthless if they are not taken through their full dose, and he has me CONVINCED that my kid is going to die of bird flu?

And also, after me coming to your pharmacy for 15 years, I also have the right to ask for a little bit of customer service. You could even bother to learn my name. I know yours, even if I can’t pronounce it. Trust me, I would give a rats ass if you fuck up my name like everyone else does – just attempt it. We can make a game of it even. Who can fuck up each other’s name the worst! Awesome!

I also know roughly how much you make, given the fact I have several friends who are pharmacists at area hospitals so I know that people working at retail locations make a SHITLOAD more money than they do, enough money to compensate you for the insurance hassles and the whiny moms who just want to make sure their kids don’t become immune to antibiotics and die from the bird flu.

And when that whiny mom, with her diabetes and sleep disorder, and her husband with allergies and the occasional stomach parasite, and their son with asthma – you know, the mom who spends an average of $2,000 per year in your pharmacy on prescriptions alone – not to mention the sudafed, mucinex, eye drops and vaginal [mumble mumble] stuff – when that mom calls you up and tells you it is now FOUR times that she is shy on her antibiotics – it MIGHT behoove you to keep the contempt out of your voice, and do something other than tell her to call her doctor. YES, I measured carefully. NO, I didn’t spill any. Unless you count the night that Bryan and I got a little nutty and thought shots of bubble gum amoxicillin would be wicked awesome before bedtime.

You, sir, bring out the crazy.

I hate that.

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  1. Anonymous

    You have a store called King Soopers??? That’s bizarre in of itself.

  2. Rhiannon

    This is appalling – and please don’t tell me the “make sure you finish ALL this medication” sticker is on the bottle.

    But really, I thought prescriptions had to be checked by another person before dispensing? Is this pharmacy above that rule?

  3. Mr Lady

    Is it Queen Soopers? I totally know who you’re talking about if it is. GGGRRRR.

  4. Sarah K

    UGH! In my experience if you go to a small mom and pop type pharmacy-you get way better service. Regardless, maybe its time for a change.

  5. monstergirlee

    That suks. What is it with pharmacies? some are so awesome (like the one hubby goes to caught a bad mix of 2 of his prescritptions) or the one that sucked so bad, and never gave a shit when I complained so I quit going there. sorry aimee.

  6. Jared K.

    There is an easy answer to this problem: Turn them in to the FDA for stealing drugs. (or at least warn the pharmacy manager that you’re going to do this)

    Get more prescriptions filled there, and if it happens again, film the issue and threaten that you’re going to turn it in.

    Sure, antibiotics aren’t a big deal, but what happens when someone’s Tylenol 3 or Percocet or Vicodin goes missing? Do you think it’s just a coincidence? That stuff pulls pretty good money on the street.

    Losing drugs = losing your license.

    They should know better, and the power (assuming you can get evidence) is in your hands.

    Go get ’em, tiger. 🙂

  7. Anonymous

    That is out of control!!

    But I was dying laughing at the vagina mumble mumble part, LOL.

  8. Meghann

    Dude, y’all shoot amoxicillan too? Awesome!

  9. talesofmy30s

    Do you know how many times ours hasn’t had enough thyroid replacement (or switched the generic manufacturer)? Or how many times they don’t have enough metformin?

    I’ve considered switching to Walgreens, but generics have gotten so cheap at King Soopers. Is it worth it? I don’t know.

  10. joansy

    Why are you still going to this place? It took us many a trial, but finally found a pharmacist we like (at Target in our case). The meanies and incompetents should not be rewarded with continued patronage. There’s a nice, professional, caring pharmacist out there waiting for you. I say “let the search begin!”

  11. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    I should clear up that we don’t think they are actually stealing any – just not ever allowing for waste, which, according to our doctor, is what they are supposed to do with syrupy medicines. So, it’s more of a cheapskate move than anything else. And, also according to our doctor, something that King Soopers is famous for.

    As for why we haven’t switched? Well, it’s kind of hard when you have gone somewhere for 15 years, but the time is now.

    Our doctor says Targets in our area are better about these things – so I guess we will move even though it’s less convenient.

    Thanks y’all.

  12. SeattleOtaku

    You might check if your local newspaper (or TV, cameras and all) has a consumer advocacy reporter to possibly do a story on it; after many ignored requests, time to call in the big guns. ^_^

    Thought that missing pills would be blatantly obvious; didn’t catch until the end that it’s a liquid med.

    Less than full-dose is worse than “worthless” in the long run, since they contribute to the possible development of anti-resistant strains. Definitely nasty!

  13. Anonymous

    Is it wring that I laughed at this post? Sorry, it just struck me as funny. -m

  14. Janine

    Sadly, you’re probably not the only one getting shorted. I hope they do something about it.

    On the same note, but to a much, much larger extreme… it reminds me of a pharmacist here in Kansas City that diluted chemo drugs. Bad deal, people died. Now that is appalling.

  15. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    OMG, Janine, that makes me sick to my stomach.

    But, I have to say, most pharmacists work so damn hard. Trust me, I watch them as my friends trot off to work.

  16. Kelly

    I’m with Jared. There is a thief.
    But I would sit there, at the counter, and pour them all out and count them. Right in front of them. Before I pay one dime. And we’ll see how many they lose when I come in. Good Luck.

  17. Mr Lady

    When I lived there, I just price checked Target’s against my grocery store one. I also was an out-of-pocket payer. Dude, my scrips were like $30 cheaper at Target. totally check it out.

  18. Ashleigh

    Give em hell! lol.

  19. MB

    I’ve had great luck at Walgreen’s, too. But I’m with you – time for change, my friend. The fact that the dude rolled his eyes at you? I couldn’t deal with that…in a mature fashion anyway.

  20. Kristy - Where's My Damn Answer

    I’m with Kelly … I’d count every single pill and if it’s a liquid I would make sure that there are the proper ounces. Once they see that you are not afraid to make the line longer in order to get what you pay for, I’m betting they’ll have a little star next to your name to make sure that you get what you are supposed to.

  21. gkgirl

    anger and bitterness
    bring out the best writing
    in my opinion…

    and you have every right
    to be both angry and bitter
    in this situation…
    so frustrating.

  22. WiredMonkey

    I can’t imagine that he would fuck up your name, even if you do fuck up his. I mean, seriously – it’s pretty easy to pronounce “Greeblemonkey”. 😉

  23. WiredMonkey

    On a serious note, though. It’s definitely tough to leave a place that you’re accustomed to and comfortable with (even if they do tend to screw things up regularly), but in our free market system, it’s just rewarding their sloppy and lazy behavior. Make the move!

    Target & Walmart’s pharmacies, though pieces of the large corporate beast, are good because they deal in such quantities you get better deals often times. And, their pharmacists still went to the same good schools, even if they do have to schlep for the Big Box Stores.

    Also, maybe you know someone who can recommend a smaller pharmacy who has the interest in making that connection? I hope you have lots of luck with this…

  24. ~Sheryl

    I can’t even tell you how much I love our Target Pharmacist, Dr. Tim.

    I am totally serious when I say I walk up to the counter and he says “Hi Sheryl which one do you need?” And it’s not like we have tons of meds just my monthly and my hubby’s diabetic meds.

    If the family isn’t with me he asks about them… by name. Or if we have recently had something filled for an illness, he always asks how we are feeling.

    I feel like I have Mayberry’s Pharmacist… and I love it. I will never ever switch. Honestly, he’s not an anomaly… Dr. Jordy (the other pharmacist) is exactly the same way, we love her too.

    I can’t tell you how blown away I was the first time he called me by name and knew my refill before I even opened my mouth. And we’ve only been going there for a few years.

    I guess I could go on and on… sorry.

    I would try the Target pharmacy if I were you.

  25. Nat

    I’ve had this problem with the liquid antibiotics. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s impossible to dose correctly because the syringe, cup thingies just aren’t that precise.

    So we taught The Boy to swallow pills at age 6. That way you know exactly the dose they’re getting.

    Check with his doctor — if the pharmacist got it right. It might not be necessary to get that extra day’s dose.

    (I wouldn’t worry about Bird Flu — MRSA, VRE, c. diff maybe, but not Bird Flu.)

  26. KD @ A Bit Squirrelly

    Ummm…Is there someone you can file a complaint to? That is beyond ridiculous.

  27. mothergoosemouse

    Huh? Not enough? That’s insane. It’s not even a matter of “waste” when it’s three doses shy. JFC.

    Come get your rX filled down here.

  28. Anonymous

    I’m mad for you.

  29. chloebear

    In response to Jared K. Clearly you don’t know what you’re talking about and you have some preconceptions of what happens in a pharmacy. Yeah, there’s something obviously wrong with the system in that particular store which can be fixed.
    Most pharmacists’ have high ethical standards and would practice what you described. I’m personally offended.

  30. BipolarLawyerCook

    Ugh. But yeah on the shooters. We mix dimetapp with whiskey Chez BLC. Hope D.’s better and that you got the right # of pills.

  31. Anonymous

    I am right there with you. EVERY time I fill an antibiotic prescription from King Soopers, it is a few days short. Every time. I hate that!!!

    I hope Dex is okay!
    Jen G.

  32. sarah

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