We finally got through all the Robin Hood’s and moved back to regular movies. Well, kinda, seeing as we’re moving through our Netflix queue so slowly I have to dust the red packets that are sitting on the TV stand. (No, I am not kidding and yes, I am freaky like that.)

Last night we watched Dedication, starring one of my favorite actors, Billy Crudup. (Best known for Almost Famous, but, OI!, if you haven’t seen him in Stage Beauty or Big Fish, RUN to your Netflix queue RIGHT NOW.) In this film, Billy plays Henry, a children’s book writer who is one of the most fucked-up individuals I have seen on screen in a long time. It’s really hard to like him at first, but when you do get around to it, it’s ever sweeter.

Another surprise, Mandy Moore, has come a long way from The Princess Diaries. Let me repeat that: LONG.

Here’s the official description: “This romantic comedy follows a misogynistic children’s book author who is forced to work closely with a female illustrator instead of his long-time collaborator and only friend.”

“Romantic comedy” is taking it a bit far, but if you think watching Billy Crudup tell a little girl there is no Santa Claus falls in that category, OK, I’ll buy it.

The other thing I loved about this movie was the cinematography. It was almost a character in of itself.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

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  1. Mr Lady

    Oooooooh, I’m totally renting that. Curse you guys and your Netflix. How I miss it.

  2. Adventures In Babywearing

    I wanted to see that one and forgot!! And Mandy Moore was in the Princess Diaries? I love Billy Crudup!


  3. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    ha ha, yes, she was the bitchy competition to Anne Hathaway for the popular guy. LOL.

  4. leaca

    I will have to add that to my netflix list, right after I send the old ones back. =)

  5. zipper

    Looks interesting!

  6. kenya

    Need to rent that one! Has been ages since I’ve seen a decent movie. So sad!

  7. carrie

    mmmmmmm . . . I heart me some Billy Crudup. I will definitely have to check that one out.

    My latest Netflix love? Bella. It’s really worth watching. Really.

  8. Tree

    I thnk I will put this into our lineup! On a lark, I watched 27 Dresses on Sat night (boys were at college men’s soccer game) and it was pure unadulterated confection.

  9. Anonymous

    I’ve never heard of this movie, but I fell in love with Billy Crudup in “Without Limits” – yowzers!


  10. MsPrufrock

    We used to mock poor Mandy Moore, something richly deserved for a girl who sang the immortal lines, “Your love is as sweet as candy, I’ll be forever yours, love always, Mandy”. HOWEVER, it (at the time) pained me to say that she was really good in “Saved”. I recommend that too if you’ve not already seen it.

  11. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Yes, I have! McCauly Culkin was also quite good in that movie!!!

  12. Sizzle

    How come I have never heard of this film when it has two of my favorites in it!?

    (rushing to netflix queue to add it to top.)

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