Diary of a Weekend Well Spent

I don’t remember ever making anything with paper maché as a child. That doesn’t mean I never have – just means I don’t remember it.

But I got a crash course this weekend when we made two different sea animals, one shark and one sea turtle, for our final family project of the year at Declan’s school. They are studying the ocean this month and we were asked to make animals (but “no mermaids or lochness monsters!”) that live in the ocean and Declan decided he wanted to replicate sea creatures I saw while in Cozumel.

And seriously – what better application for paper maché than a shark and a sea turtle?

It took all weekend, but we rocked.

Bryan now has about 50 paper maché projects formulating as we speak. Christmas presents, anyone??

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  1. Anonymous

    You guys rock!

  2. Sarah

    That is great. And I love paper mache!

  3. Tree

    Those are awesome!! I remember making paper mache puppets and doing a play with them.

  4. aimee / greeblemonkey

    My sister sent it a while back – I think she got it at IKEA of all places!!!

  5. TxGambit

    That is waaaay coool!!!!!

  6. mar

    fun! i hope i can see some tomorrow!!

  7. doodaddy

    Wow, where did you get the industrial strength smock? Looks like he could be doing crafts with toxic waste and still keep clean!

  8. Anonymous

    I love the animated gif!

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