After some major pressure from Stacie and Melissa, I went and saw Dreamgirls last night. I’m usually not all that into musicals (except The Sound of Music, of course) but I couldn’t face cold hands in wet clay for pottery class, so I tromped off through the new snow into the dark theater.

Have I mentioned how much I love going to movies alone? I mean, sure, I love going to movies with Bryan and friends too, but there is something lovely about being there all by yourself… somehow I always get way more mesmerized by the story and when the story is as big and grand as Dreamgirls, it’s pretty easy to get caught up. Not to mention no one is there to witness how much popcorn you stuff your face with.

So, all I can say is – You. Go. Jennifer. Hudson. I knew there was a reason you were kicked off American Idol in an early round so many years ago. It was so you could come back and collect an Oscar in 2007 and laugh in Simon Cowell’s face for calling you fat.

If I have one complaint about the movie at all, it’s that I wish they would have recorded Jennifer’s big scene (“And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going”… check it out on iTunes) in the moment because watching her matched her up to the lip-synched version was a bit of a disconnect… and the emotion she poured out would have been amazing in a live reording. Same thing goes for Beyoncé in her kiss-off song to Jamie Foxx.

Otherwise. Go see it. It was fabulous.

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  1. Anonymous

    I love that you loved Jennifer. When I think of her performance, I get chills all over. I’m with you on the lip-synch thing but I still loved it. I liked Beyonce more when she had a booty, though. 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Great to read your review. I’ve been wanting to see it, but the reviews have been mixed. I trust your judgment (via our netflix pics – I think we have fairly similar taste)

  3. Anonymous

    i want to see this. never thought of going to a movie alone, what a great idea…….

  4. schloobie

    movies alone is awesome!

    and by the way… make sure you all check out Jake G on SNL… it’s AWESOME.


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