Drink Drank Drunk

An interesting conversation over dinner last night.


Declan: I drunk all my water.

Aimee: Actually, you “drank” all your water. “Drunk” means something different altogether.

Declan: What does “drunk” mean?

(Bryan and Aimee exchange glances, should we go there?)

Aimee: When adults have too many adult drinks, they become drunk. (Can we leave it at that?)

Declan: But what does it mean?

Aimee: (I didn’t think so.) Well, the alcohol in some adult drinks makes the body not work very well. For example, people can’t talk very well (show him what slurring sounds like) or they can’t walk very well, and sometimes people act very differently when they are drunk.

Declan: But you have never been drunk, right?

Aimee: (uh oh.) Well, yes, I have. But Mama and Daddy don’t get drunk very often at all. But we’re not perfect. It sometimes happens.

Declan: I’m not perfect either.

Aimee: Right. No one is perfect.


I’m still not sure if this whole “let’s be as honest as we can with him” policy is a good thing. But at least he knows the score.

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  1. joansy

    We’ve had our “your body is still growing and alcohol messes up bodies that are growing, so you need to wait until your an adult before drinking” discussion with my girls but have not taken it much further. Billy wants to take them to Burning Man next year – if that happens, and it’s a huge, huge if, I’m sure we’ll have to get a bit more detailed about bodies under the influence.
    As for honesty – my 11 year old niece just demanded to know whether my sister and brother-in-law still have sex even though they don’t want more kids. When my sister told her yes, she responded “What! You do that for pleasure!!?” and then asked if it happened every time my sister’s bedroom door is locked. I’m hoping to avoid those discussions for a long, long, long time.

  2. Tree

    My hat is off to you & Joansy. We have not yet had this conversation.

  3. Mrs. Wheezer

    *snort* Oh the conversations we all have in store for us…

  4. Anonymous

    The kid knows what questions to ask!

  5. Oh, The Joys

    You’ve been DRUNK?! Golly.

  6. aimee / greeblemonkey

    *I know!* But just once.

  7. nutmeg

    My nine-year-old is doing a unit on ‘drugs’ in science. According to the unit, we need to run, not walk to the nearest rehab center because we drink BEER! And WINE! DO NOT PASS GO!

  8. Anonymous

    Good talk. Good for you.

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