Dripping sinus ooze

While visiting the allergist last week, he recommended that I so a different style of nasal irrigation. I have rhinitis from growing up in a house of smokers and subsequently moving to an urban area that has a brown cloud descend upon it every winter. Essentially my nose is just damn pissed off all the time. So, I rinse with saline often… to clear the gunkies and moisturize.

So, Doc says to try this rinse contraption. I do. It is awesome. (Side note… why is “original” in quotes?)

Except, when I bend over to do anything… dry my hair, pick something up, whatever… I now have a stream of saline coming out of my nose for a good hour after I rinse. No joke… A puddle about 3 inches wide suddenly appears on the floor, with shit that was up my nose only moments before. That part is n-a-s-t-y.

We’ll see how long this contraption stays in the house. I am imagining a little scale weighing the beautiful, clear, non-infamed nose on one side… versus perpetual nasal squirts on the other. What’s a girl to do?

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