Everytime You Go Away

So, what was your very first concert? Mine was Paul Young in Washington DC when I was 15 years old. Some people snicker when they hear that, but I am actually really proud of it. Yeah, yeah.. maybe he’s not as cool as Bryan’s first concert… S-c-o-r-p-i-o-n-s!!! But Paul was amazing. And oddly enough, that song still makes my heart drop to my toes. He played to the crowd just like he does in the video below, perfect for giggly 15 year old girls. And exactly how do giggly 15 year olds from Annapolis get to DC, you may ask? My friends parents took us to the concert hall, dropped us off, went to dinner, and then came and picked us back up again. It was absolutely perfect. Of course, 6 months later I got my license and started attending every concert my measly record store salary would allow me to attend… but that first one certainly was special. I can’t wait to take Declan to his first (The Wiggles don’t actually count, OK?). I want to make sure it’s at Red Rocks and you know it’s going to be way before age 15. There is no way I can wait that long.

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