Keystone Ski Resort Family Activities

Family Activities At Keystone Resort, Colorado

We had snow again this week, but such is Spring in Denver. The cool thing about our weather is our ski resorts have snow later but the skies still manage to be blue and half the time people riding the slopes are only in light jackets at best, sometimes only in t-shirts. Spring skiing in Colorado pretty much rules.

But what if you are like me? As in, a total klutz on skis and prefer to enjoy winter fun without poles? The awesome thing is, Keystone Resort has a huge variety of stuff like to do for everyone.

We visited Keystone during our Spring Break and while Bryan enjoyed time riding day and night, Dex and I explored everything the resort had to offer, which was a lot. (Plus many times Bryan could not resist jumping off his snowboard to join us as well.)

Here is a list of the fun things we did!

Keystone Kidtopia

We caught the parade, hung out with Ripperoo The Dog and loved the WORLD’S BIGGEST SNOW FORT. This is a case where video really does show all these activities best.


This is one of our favorite family activities and Keystone’s tubing hill is a blast! There are six chutes with sculpted bumps that you hit at varying speeds, depending on what you ask the lift operator to do. Of course *we* wanted every ride to be as FAST as possible! And we got in tons of runs thanks to the lovely covered magic carpet that sped us back up the hill fast. This tubing hill is something that can be done completely separate of a lift pass, so we plan to come up specifically for tubing next season. Also, the guys told us that they keep pushing the tubing hill snow to the middle, in order to keep the hill running as long as possible into the summer season! FUN!

Keystone Tubing Hill

Keystone Tubing Hill

Keystone Tubing Hill Keystone Tubing Hill

Keystone Tubing Hill

Keystone Tubing Hill

Keystone Tubing Hill

Snow Cat Tour

Have you ever been inside a snow cat? I sure had not! These are the bad boys who groom trails all night long to make them pretty for riders in the morning – kind of like the zamboni of a ski resort. But at Keystone, they also offer various tours on the snow cats, including the one we took – way above the treeline where we could see six of Colorado’s fantastic 14ers. Don’t ask me to name them though, I was too busy struggling for breath in that thin air. Our driver was awesome though, allowing the kids to alternate riding up front with him, plus telling us all about how snow cats work and the views we were seeing. All from a very comfortable cabin that holds around 12 people. Again, you can purchase this tour without having to buy a lift ticket and I highly recommend it.

Keystone Snow Cat Tour

Keystone Snow Cat Tour Keystone Snow Cat Tour

Keystone Snow Cat Tour

Keystone Snow Cat Tour Keystone Snow Cat Tour

Keystone Snow Cat Tour

Keystone Snow Cat Tour

Massage & Facial at Keystone Spa

Now we’re talking! As I mentioned, we were there during Spring Break and Spring means pollen. I was having such issues breathing due to allergies, even up in the mountains. What I loved about my time at Keystone Spa was, yes, they totally pampered me – but they also addressed what was going on and catered my treatment to me. Lots of eucalyptus, a great massage, time in their steam room and I walked out of there a totally new woman. So this activity probably falls under “parent needed some relaxation time alone” – but I loved that is was available at Keystone!

Keystone Spa

There were a few other things we just didn’t have time for like ice skating and cross-country skiing. But the things we were able to do were incredible! It was so fun that we could have a family vacation at a ski resort with something for everyone. Thanks Keystone!

More posts coming about our Spring Break adventures, inducing the delicious food choices we had, as well as a preview of Keystone‘s summer activities!

Note: We were guests of Keystone Resorts for this trip, but all words and photos are mine.

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    Wow! This sounds incredible. Your photos always make me feel like we are right there with you. Glad you had a great time!

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    Keystone rules!

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    What a great trip!

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