Feeling like June Cleaver 2.0

It’s 5:30am.

Declan: “Mama!!!!Mama!!!”

Aimee: {groggily stumbling into his room} “Yesss?”

Declan: {crying} “I had a baddd dreaaam!”

Aimee: {scooping him up into my lap} “Oh no! Do you want to talk about it?”

Declan: {still crying} “Y-y-yes… these was a monster in my room and he, he, he was trying to, to, to, GET ME.”

Aimee: “Wow. That sounds scary. But you know what? Monsters can’t get you. This house has too much love in it. And the love will protect you from the monsters.”

Declan: “It will?” {Lets out a gigantic fart}

Aimee: “Well, that, and the toots. Monsters don’t like toots.”

Declan: {giggle, giggle}

Aimee: “Yeah, see, our toots smell really bad to monsters. And you toot way too much for a monster to actually get near you.”

Declan: {hysterical boy laughter over fart talk}

Aimee: “OK, so, it’s still really early still, so try to sleep some more.”

Declan: “OK, Mama. I love you.” {snuggles up with his Lightning McQueen pillow and closes his eyes.}

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  1. TxGambit

    Cute!!!!! LMAO!

    Good timing with the fart. Ha, ha!

  2. nutmeg

    Whew! There’ll be no monsters at our house then!

  3. Anonymous


  4. Anonymous

    I love that kid!

  5. Tree

    LMAO! I can totally hear him giggling.

  6. tmrperry

    Priceless!!! The toots work everytime!

  7. aimee / greeblemonkey

    LOL, I know – and he has the best laugh!!

  8. samantha Jo Campen

    I’m filing that away for when we have kids and they get scared of a monster.

    Plus we fart around here A LOT so I think we’re good.

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