First Week of Ireland

I know the collection of photos I am forming on Flickr is a bit overwhelming, so here are a few of my favorite photos from the first week of our Ireland trip. I know, I know. *SOMEDAY* I will stop talking about Ireland.

But not yet.














For now, I will hum happily when people ask that little question, “So, what did you guys do this summer?”

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  1. Anonymous

    Your pictures are always so awesome !!!

  2. Bethany

    Oh, awesome!

  3. The Bug

    Gorgeous pictures! I know you’re the photographer, but are there any pictures of YOU?

  4. Alicia

    Sooo beautiful! I don’t think I would ever stop talking about it!!! Your photos are breath-taking… heading to check out more on flickr!

  5. Neil

    How can you dare ask us what we did this summer after we just looked at what YOU did? Wow!

  6. Nat

    Oooooh… it looks like Newfoundland. We have to go. Must say, the photos seem to tell a story of joy and adventure.

  7. The Casual Perfectionist

    Oh, Aimee! Your photos are awesome! And, for the record, you don’t EVER have to stop talking about Ireland. 😉

  8. zenrain

    You don’t ever have to stop talking about it! I’m still talking about Paris a year later!!

  9. Tree

    Thanks for giving me a slice of it! I have not yet had a chance to go to Flicker. I want to allow time to thoroughly enjoy them, not quickly run through them. Hence, I have not been there yet!


  10. Fairy

    I love your pics., esp. the second one with the two men in your life. Priceless.

  11. Anonymous

    NOOOO! Don’t ever stop talking about it. – m

  12. Elaine Ellis

    These are beautiful!!! I’m really impressed with your skills. Seriously giving me the travel bug.

  13. laurie

    You know you rocked it out. I’m loving watching them all come together.

  14. zandor

    Those pictures are so great.

  15. Bridge

    these photos are stunning and cementing our desire to vacation in Ireland someday.

  16. Danielle

    wow! love the pictures – keep them coming! I think they should contact you about promoting Ireland!

  17. Lipstick and Hangnails

    Your talent in the photo world is truly amazing. I can only dream of being so good!

  18. Marla

    Awesome, Awesome, Awesome pics!

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