Flash Forward 30 Years

My company held it’s annual holiday party at the Denver Museum of Nature of Science today. You know, seeing as we build health communication web sites and all, my business partner and I thought it would be great to take everyone through their new “Expedition Health” exhibition and have a fancy lunch afterwards.

What I didn’t plan on was the glimpse of my future in their aging machine.

Here is me at age 70 according to the @DMNS aging machine. Looking much like my mother. And here is @bugfrog at age 70.

Don’t we make a cute 70 year old couple?

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  1. Meghann

    Bryan reminds me of some actor, and I am desperately trying to remember who.

  2. zipper

    that is CRAZY!

  3. Nat

    I wanna have our Christmas Party at a Museum…

    (I tried to that once, and it didn’t like my face… guess I look old enough.)

  4. Megan

    that is SCARY! You are brave to post that!

  5. Kim Hosey

    Holiday party in a museum of nature and science — that sounds like a dream to me!

    Eesh; you’re brave. I wouldn’t even want to see what this thing would do with me and my husband, let alone broadcast it. Cool though!

  6. Jen

    I’m planning to take the boys there over winter break…if this part of the exhibit doesn’t scare them into daily sunscreen use, nothing will. Actually, if this doesn’t scare ME into daily sunscreen use…LOL! I’m kinda scared to try this now! 😉

  7. highfiredanger


  8. chloebear

    i think i’ll wait it out and see what i look like later!

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