Frank Turner in Denver & More Adventures in Medical Emergencies

Note: Concert tickets were provided by Frank Turner; all photos and words are mine.

My experience at the Frank Turner show was different than any other.

Since my friend Erica has written about it, I am free to tell you we had some, well, “issues” while the music rolled on. (I am also free to tell you, on a completely separate note, that her little one just had a bout in the hospital, so give her some love if you can.)

I met Erica when we both spoke at Listen To Your Mother Denver and that lady is not only a talented writer, she is FUNNY. So it seemed like win-win when she was able to accompany me to see someone I had been sooo looking forward to, whose music I love, and who was reputed to be amazing live. Frank. Motherfucking. Turner.

“Your friend? She passed out.”

Returning from the bathroom between opening acts, looking for Erica. I did that head shake, like you are trying to wake up from a dream because, huh? I held my hand up about shoulder level and then lowered it, because Erica is a pixie and I am most certainly from Wonder Woman’s secret island. Questioning.

“Yeah. Her. They had to carry her out. Passed out completely.”

I ran to the front of  the venue and there she was. Sitting with a paramedic I didn’t realize was available at the venue, getting checked out and giving me a look of OMGIAMSOSORRY. The thing is, she wasn’t drunk, she wasn’t pregnant again, she didn’t have any medical problems, so they were actually worried.

By the time Frank was about to come on, she was feeling totally okay, but here’s the crazy thing. Once you go under medical care at a concert, they have to release you. They wanted her to go to the hospital. Erica wanted to go home. They would not let her drive or take a cab alone. I needed to get these photographs! So negotiations happened in a span of one minute, end result I would go photograph fast, then come back, take Erica home. Done.

I have taken concert photos under duress before. Most often it’s that other photographers’ elbows are in my nose or they’re stepping on my foot. But never when I was worried about a friend’s health.

The good news Erica is fine, her little one is fine too, and I love these photos all the more for it.


Frank_Turner_11 Frank_Turner_02


Frank_Turner_15 Frank_Turner_17


Frank Turner Frank_Turner_04

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  1. william

    LOVE Frank Turner. He is amazing. Your pics rule.

  2. zipper

    great story

  3. sue at nobaddays

    Wow, Aimee – those are gorgeous photos, especially considering the situation in which they were taken. Well done!

  4. Amy

    Fantastic photos! So glad that Erica is ok.

  5. Anonymous

    Love Frank Turner!

  6. Doug Balmain

    Well you snapped some killer live performance shots…the fact that you were under the gun like that only makes them better. Hat’s off.

  7. Anne

    What a crazy story and GREAT pics!

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