Friday Fun turned frightening.

I was goofing off today and reading celebrity gossip blogs. My first mistake. One of them talked about John Mayer’s recent post to his blog discussing the web site My Heritage, which does analysis of your face from a photo and matches you up with the celebrities who look like you. Oddly enough, John’s first match was Jessica Lange and his second was… well.. John Mayer.

So I thought it would be fun to try with a photo of me. My second mistake.

I waited as my results came up. And then my breakfast started to come up.

Other matches: Jack Osbourne (75%), Elton John (73%), Larry King (73%), Janeane Garofalo (73%), and finally… someone without glasses to muck up the comparision, Joss Stone (67%).

Since I totally did not believe any of those fucked-up results (except Joss Stone, of course), I ran it again with my Blogger photo. Third mistake.

This photo moved Jack Osbourne to my top match and moved me to the bathroom, leaning over the toilet. Secondary matches this time were similar: James Spader (75%), Janeane Garofalo (75%), Elton John (73%), Elvis Costello (73%) … and the one saving grace for my ego: Charlize Theron (72%).

Obviously the glasses are confusing the issue. So I ran over to Bryan’s iSight and snapped a pic of me without my specs, and tried again.

At least this time I got a chick as the 1st hit. And a gorgeous one at that… score! Now I can stop taking pictures to try to manipulate the results.

Some of other results on this one are still very disturbing, though: Johnny Knoxsville (62%), Martin Scorsese (59%), Jody Foster (56%), Stacey “Fergie” Ferguson (56%)… and my personal favorite… Victor Chavez (55%).

I think I need to quit while I’m ahead.

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