Funny Tweet Roundup

You will have to excuse me, because I am a little panicked right now – we leave for Puerto Rico* this weekend and I have a million things to do, work is crazy, life is crazy, and really – when things get like this, all I want to do is read funny tweets and ignore the world.

Which I will for a few minutes and share them with you.

[Links to each Favstar page from the graphics.]

P.S. Doing this roundup took longer than writing an actual post. I am such an asshole! I should have just reposted my *last* funny people of Twitter post and called it a day.

P.P.S. No wonder I never get any shit done.

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  1. zipper

    You need to make Funny Tweet Roundup a regular thing. You find the best ones.

  2. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    It’s in the fine print JoAnn. Under all his hair. JEEZ.

  3. designHER Momma

    again, awesome.
    stumbled… (duck and cover)

  4. Betty

    Wow, thank you for this! I am honoured.

    I am blown away by your energy and your accomplishments. If you ever need procrastination tips, I’m your girl.

  5. Amie aka MammaLoves

    I’m clearly following the wrong people.

    And speaking of procrastination, I’m supposed to be writing a post right now…

  6. Jessica

    Hilarious! twitter is awesome.

  7. Anonymous

    I agree. Do more posts like this. Hilarious! – m

  8. chloebear

    i love when you do these! Laughs before bed lead to good dreams…

    Justin Bieber, ha! ha! That yahoo was on SNL last a couple of weeks ago – can you say desperate?

  9. monstergirlee

    OMG punkrockie is the best.
    These are great, I too think you should do a regular FTR, maybe quarterly?

    Anyway, hope Puerto Rico is awesome. Glad the volcano is not interfering with your plans.
    and of COURSE I cannot wait to see your pics.
    Kiss kiss!

  10. Dennis

    Wow! Thank you including me in this list of awesome people. I’m honored.


  11. The Casual Perfectionist

    Waitaminute. I’ve actually READ the FTC document and I don’t remember the clause about Justin Bieber!! Can you PLEASE send me the section number! Aahhh! (I guess it’s a good thing I’m a good little discloser.) Ha.

  12. Momo Fali

    Girl, you have no idea how much I needed this today. Thank you!

  13. Megan (Best of Fates)

    You are amazing at finding hilarious tweets. Is it possible to make that a profession? Because you should look into it.

  14. Nutmeg

    Where’s the birthday post? Relax a little and enjoy the day, Girl. I’ll be toasting to you around 5:01 pm my time.

    P.S. What’s a tweet?

  15. Burgh Baby

    I would like to thank you for your extreme sacrifice because these? FUN-NEH.

    Except for the Bieber thing. Threatening someone with Bieber music is very serious business.

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