Going with the "flow."

Since I still feel like crap on a stick… and not just a little bit snarky today – I had a fun adventure at lunch, searching out all the bumper stickers I love.

Of course, being the neat freak I am, I only actually have one small bumper sticker on my car right now – “DEM” in a white oval that parodies those country code stickers. DEM meaning Democrat, of course. Although, truth be told, the Democratic Party pisses me off all the time too… but being a middle of the road liberal who is not crunchy enough for the Green Party, I have no other option really.

I used to have a butt-load of stickers on my car in high school. Mainly to hide the fact that it was a Chevette. A yellow one. A lemon on wheels. And when I say lemon, I don’t mean clunker. I mean the fruit. (…But before you start hyperventilating, Mom – I really did appreciate that car!)

So anyhoo – I get great vicarious enjoyment by looking at other people’s bumper stickers during my daily commute… and here are some of my faves.

This is the part where I offend people. Watch out.

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