Goodbye Sweet Poe

This is one of those posts I feel I should write, but I don’t have much to say.

We’re heartbroken.

When Poe came to us, we knew that Bernese Mountain Dogs had an extremely short lifespan, but didn’t quite realize how fast time would fly. Only eight and a half years with the sweetest dog ever.

Yes, he could be seriously whiney. And anxious. And over the top obsessed with Bryan (who isn’t?)… but even behind all that scaredy cat dog was the most sensitive and kind heart. Eyes you could melt in. An 85 pound lap dog.

In the end, his back-end was paralysed and watching him walk would be funny if you weren’t petrified he could truly hurt himself. There were lumps of cancer all over, and just no way to help him.

This week we said goodbye to Poe, right before the Fourth of July so he wouldn’t stress over all those loud booms that sound like thunder. Because every single day was incrementally worse and to wait any longer was cruel.

We’ve been trading stories with friends who knew Poe, knew what a sloppy goofball he was, either online or IRL, because the loss hurts either way. For years, when I have said “my boys” I meant three of them. Pets are part of the family, and this big guy will be missed forever.

Goodbye, sweet Poe.

Poe, Bernese Mountain Dog Poe, Bernese Mountain Dog


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  1. Sue

    Love to you all. Such a sweetie!

  2. Sarah Patterson

    Have always loved Poe. Rest in peace, sweet dog!

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