Graduation Day

Today was the day.

We finally got a Wii. My neighbor texted us that they had them at the local Target, and we were off like a SHOT.

OK, OK. I forgot. There are more important things in the world than a Wii.


Kindie Grad

Seriously. Is that not the cutest thing, like, EVER???

No? You can’t be swayed by the adorable cardboard graduation cap? Then how about THIS?

Hugs for Dada

The only thing marring this photo? The fact that later in the day we found out Bryan has pink eye. Now all I can see is him rubbing it up and down Declan’s cheek.

Other than that? Seriously. Kindergarten graduations are like emotional upheaval for the soul. All those cute little things up on stage singing, dancing, telling us what they want to be when they grow up. (Declan’s answer? “An artist.”) Queue the waterworks, dude.

The best part was when they all put their arms around each other, swayed back and forth up there on the rafters, and sang about how it’s OK to just be me and you be you and we’re being friends in harmony, yadda yadda yadda. NO ONE CAN *NOT* CRY WHEN THEY SING THAT CRAP, PEOPLE!!! It is physically impossible. In fact I tearing up again now.

Good thing Bryan is putting the Wii together and I can go knock the tar out of those two. I am done with crying for the day.

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  1. zipper

    that makes me want to cry too. And I never cry.

  2. Amy in Ohio

    Never met you, never met your boy, yet weeping like a baby. Too precious. They grow up so fast.

  3. Builder Mama

    Congrats to the big boy! What a great day. I cried like a baby at pre-K graduation, thankfully I’m being spared this for kindergarten this year because I was a blubbering wreck.

  4. daysgoby


  5. Sizzle

    The cuteness is so overwhelming! Yes, I got a little teary.

  6. MamaMaven

    OMG, he is too cute. We have preschool graduation next week, in an audtorium with real robes and caps. El is beside herself, she has been counting down the days. I have no doubt there will be waterworks!

  7. Anonymous

    I’m dying!!! TFS!

  8. Catherine

    Congrats to the grad!!

  9. James

    Congrats Big Guy!

    WOW, I remember when I graduated Kindergarten. Last year seems so far away.

    OK, word verify time… I am so bad at these… It’s like the SATs all over again… Is that and f? or a French 7?

  10. Patty Hakala

    Is the pinkeye from weeping at graduation (or holding back tears)? Be sure to disinfect the eyepiece on the video camera!

  11. amy t sharp

    yahoo…It must feel like such a milestone. Finn will go to K next year and i cannot believe it. He is gorgeous. COngrats!

  12. Doodaddy

    Wow… I’m speechless. I want one of the mortarboards myself!

  13. Amy

    So adorable!! Our school skips K graduation and did a big Welcome to Kindergarten ceremony. That was cute too! And nice not to have that one more thing at the end of the year.

  14. Black Hockey Jesus

    To quote you 2 posts ago: “I want a fucking Wii”. And I think this Nintendo exer-thing might be the way to manipulate one past my wife’s coffee table buying radar.

  15. Ms Mac

    Congratulations to the graduate and the Wii family!

    ps. I cry all the time for the slightest reason. I’m hoping that all my tears will be used up by the time the boys start making me a grandmother.

  16. EatPlayLove

    I went to an 8th Grade Graduation tonight.. I believe we can officially play, on all loud speakers, School’s Out For Summer.

    Congrats, what a milestone.

  17. megan

    sooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!

  18. Mrs. Wheezer

    Awww… S.’s last day of Kindergarten is today. No graduation, though. Probably just as well, since I’d cry the whole way through (like I did during pre-K graduation).

    You will love the Wii.

  19. Anonymous

    great pics! how cute!!!

  20. merrymishaps

    Yay Declan!
    Not that there was ever any doubt that he’d graduate kindergarten with flying colors 🙂

    And yay Wii!

  21. Mollyfa

    I love my Wii! Congratulations to both you and Declan!

  22. nutmeg

    You have some very cute men in your life – pink eye and all.

  23. mothergoosemouse

    Oh so cute! But f’ing pinkeye – it’s a scourge, I tell you.

    And seriously…I’m no gamer, but I’m truly coveting a Wii.

  24. laura

    Awwww, kindergarten grad day! I don’t think I’ll be emotionally ready for when my little one gets to that stage!

    Have fun with the Wiiiiiiiiiii!

  25. painted maypole

    The may queen wants to be an artist, too! (and live in California. And sleep naked. These things she reported to me the night of her graduation, as the things she would do when she grows up. Okay….at least she did it in the car on the way home and not up on stage!)

  26. Manager Mom

    graduation!!! AND a Wii! I think my head would explode if that all happened in one weekend.

  27. Steve

    I love my Wii. Nothing better than sitting down with a glass of wine and beating the crap out of your spouse on Wii boxing. Lets out alot of tension. What a great date night.

  28. jennifer

    I’m certain that I am the last person on Earth without a Wii!

    And Congrats to Declan!

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