Grey’s Obsession

I always thought it was funny when people rushed out to purchase the “Complete Season Two plus Bonus Materials and Extended Scenes” for any given TV show. But OK, OK… I have joined the ranks. I had been trying to school myself on back-seasons of Grey’s Anatomy in the hopes that I would someday catch up and be able to actually watch the current episode on Thursday nights and know what the hell is going on. It’s awesome that Neflix carries all the tools I would need for this, but they just weren’t coming fast enough. So I did it. I went out and bought the Complete Sets for Season 1 and 2. I am halfway through 2. I am loving it. (Which is especially nice given our recent streak of crappy movies). If I weren’t married to a wonderful man, McDreamy would certainly be my second choice. I do think some of the plots get recycled (i.e. domineering mother won’t let her child have a procedure, abusive father gets hurt much to the joy/dismay of his family)… but overall, I love the mix of elements… medical show plus romantic comedy with heaping teaspoons of sarcastic cynicism. Perfect.

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