Halloween Leftovers

I just kind of realized I never really finished up talking about the fun we had on Halloween. For trick-or-treating, we went over to Declan’s friend Lulu’s house. Which was highly entertaining because Lulu’s Dad was dressed up as Ashley Todd and Lulu’s uncle was dressed up as Dan Aykroyd’s homeless Santa from Trading Places. Yup. We were totally right at home.


All the photos are in my Halloween Flickr set.

Then, if that wasn’t enough fun, Danielle and I planned for a girls night out after the candyfest was over. We couldn’t decide what to do, so we braved the craziness of local radio station ALICE 105.9’s Exotic Ball. WHICH WAS AN ABSOLUTE HOOT. With the exception of the 30 minute wait for a drink (NOT KIDDING). The best part was getting all sorts of nutty ideas for Halloween costumes. Below I have pulled a bunch of pics from Danielle’s flickrsteam, because if you think I was carrying around my huge-ass camera all night, you are CRAZEE.

Danielle was half good witch/half bad witch.

The party had a costume contest and these guys came in first and second. Optimus Prime was a homemade Transformer, and the Stick Figure People were all made from glow sticks. Damn. I should have thought of that. I had plenty left over.

Once we finally got beers, we used them for microphones.

This guy came in third for the costume contest and graciously shared his shower with Danielle.

You KNOW this dude wasn’t getting out the door without being accosted by us.

And last but not least, this guy was picking on us as we exited so we asked for a photo with him to remember him by. Thanks weirdly costumed biker guy in a tie!

So, yeah, um, we KINDA like Halloween round these parts. Do you have any leftover Halloween tidbits to share?

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  1. Meghann

    Looks like a blast! I think that last guy was supposed to be a Mormon missionary. You know the guys who ride around dressed like that on their bikes?

  2. leaca

    Looks like you had a great time. You looked so cute.

  3. Ms. Maxwell

    Yeah, Meghann totally got the last guy — Mormon missionary. Guess you have to be from Utah to really get the costume. White shirt, tie, bike helmet, backpack…only a good costume outside of Utah. Did the heckling have anything to do with “vote no on Prop. 8”???

  4. Anonymous

    so much fun! TFS!

  5. chloebear

    Only you could make a pretty witch look good!
    Jeff guessed the Mormonn missionary.

  6. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Yeah, I am thinking you guys are right. Either way, he was annoying and deserved that face. LOL.

  7. Becky

    So fun!

    At the Halloween party I was at, there was also a Transformer guy. He was outside smoking (I WAS NOT SMOKING – my friends were) and he had his head and hands off to smoke. BAD TRANSFORMER! But I picked up a piece of the costume and said “Dude! This is heavy!” He said, “Try wearing it all night”

    I was an Obama Angel. Much lighter costume and equally as fun.

  8. Evolving Mommy Catherine

    So I was looking at all of the great pictures and it crossed my mind that this seemed like it could be the Alice party but I thought “no way that would mean that she’s in CO,” not to mention that I had already seen the Mile High Mama’s button on your sidebar. I am such a dork!

    I found your blog on MBC, I’ll be back!

  9. zipper

    very cool!

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