Happy Belated Birthday, Bono

Paul Hewson was born May 10, 1960. Why do I know this? Because Marabeth reminded me during her visit and also I have Cosmo Doogood’s Urban Almanac.

So, on their last night here, we loaded up the crew and headed to Fado’s Irish Pub for some Guiness (OK, Coors Light for me), Sheppard’s Pie and Bar Trivia. We named the team “Bono 5.5” – for obvious reasons.

We came in second place, after missing a question about the movie “Major League” and also flipping back and forth whether John Travolta’s character Chili Palmer was from Pulp Fiction or Get Shorty. (We guessed wrong). Yes, OK, shoot me now… I liked Pulp Fiction, but I didn’t love Pulp Fiction.

But the ladies didn’t mind… and Terry tried a Guiness for the first time in her life as well. Sushi and Guiness… a pretty cool way to commemorate a rare trip to Denver, huh?

And when we got home, we watched a video tape from our last trip to Wyoming… where Marabeth was kind enough to open the pages of her journal from 1992 and Bryan was kind enough to do a senstive, interpretive reading of the entry from the day after we met 3/4 of U2.

All of us literally had tears rolling down our faces, we were laughing so hard. The emotion of Bryan’s delivery, the passion of the writing. Holy SHIT, it’s all Oscar worthy. If it weren’t for the fact that the clip is 15 minutes long (not to mention Marabeth wouldn’t speak to me ever again), I would definitely post it here.

And finally, I had to include this photo of one of my oldest friends and my son, because they are simpy so so so freaking adorable. Did I mention Declan had a blast with Marabeth & Co.? He was laughing and dancing for them; totally coming out of his shell. Bryan and I literally looked at each other at least 3 times and said, “Who is this kid???”

P.S. Yes, we did meet 3/4 of U2. Everyone except Adam. And yes, Bono is short and balding.

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