Have a good weekend!

We head out this morning to go camping down at Lake Isabel (about 2.5 hours south of Denver). Tim arranged for a cabin, so it’s not exactly roughing it and 4 families will be converging together (thus pooling the supplies)… but there is still a certain level of rusticness since we have to bring our own water! Jeff and Danielle are meeting us this morning and we are driving down together and Tim, Rachel & Jed (9 months) and friends of Tim – James, the other Rachel & Owen (2.5 years) are coming down this evening. I definitely foresee some Blokus over the weekend – and Bryan is bringing his kayak since Lake Isabel is, well, a lake! I also hope to get over to Bishop Castle – where this slightly unhinged man has been building the place, brick by brick, all by himself for the past 30 years! I am a bit frightened, but intrigued!

Obviously since the cabin doesn’t have water, the likelihood (or my desire) for internet connection is pretty low. See ya Sunday.

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