Hey Guinea Pigs!

What do you think of the iLike music widget over there on the right? It’s really cool, but also feels a little like y’all looking through my underwear drawer. I mean, what if REO Speedwagon pops up on there or something? Um, not that I actually own any REO Speedwagon.


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  1. aimee / greeblemonkey

    One thing I like is that you all can play the song right there in the widget if you want to.

  2. nutmeg

    I’ve been known to relax to a little Roger Whittaker once in a while! Very cool thing-a-ma-widget.

  3. zenrain

    i do like it 😉

  4. doodaddy

    I do sort of like it… I might have to stick one on my site, although I’m getting a little out of hand in the ol’ sidebar!

    P.S. I’m so sorry that I didn’t notice the RSS problem!

  5. joansy

    I like it too.
    re: the Beatles, this morning Billy played Bobby Darren (sp?) performing “Hey Jude” – weird, but ok. David Bowie doing “Across the Universe” is pretty funky though.

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