How a Pigeon has saved my ass.

I have been going to my massage therapist once a month (OK, sometimes twice a month) since I was pregnant with Declan. That makes it nearly 5 years now. And my main complaint has always been my ass. Specifically the side of my ass, nearly around to my hips, deep inside my glut muscles. My massage therapist routinely must take a crowbar and shove it inside these muscles to get them to chill out. I am sure it’s all related to my poor posture at work, but since I am a graphic designer and spend time split between mouse and keyboard, I cannot stand those mobile keyboard trays – and when it comes right down to it, I like sitting with my legs crossed all day long. But my butt pays dearly for it.

So, imagine this scene. About a month ago, I am sitting in the large, glass-front conference room with my Grants Manager and Research Director (who is also my business partner’s husband and my former boss) and we are on a conference call with colleagues in another state. We are discussing a new grant, but it is mainly their grant and we are mainly tuning them out. We keep hitting the mute button on the phone to discuss other things, like our weekend, the weather… and finally my back is killing me so much I land on the floor to do some stretches.

Come to find out, our Grants Manager is a bit of a yoga aficionado and once she realizes the source of my pain, recommends several stretches and gets down on the floor with me to demonstrate. Never to be left out, the Research Director joins us on the floor and we have an impromptu yoga class right then and there. In the large glass-front conference room. We caused quite a stir.

Here is where the pigeon thing comes in.

She showed me Pigeon Pose, which has subsequently stretched out my gluts in ways I never thought possible before. Not to mention, I bet Marabeth will be SO proud of me. AND, allows me to post these hilarious photos of Mr. Cool Yoga.

But seriously. If you have ever had a pain in the ass (other than your husband, boss or mother-in-law), check this stretch out.

I now regularly do it on my office floor in the middle of the day to get the blood flowing. I only get minor double-takes from coworkers these days.

But I am still going to see my massage therapist. Some habits are hard to give up, right?

Updated to add: I *never* meant to imply that my husband has ever been a pain in the ass. And just because he is standing over my shoulder right now making me type this in no way makes him a pain in the ass this very second, either.

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  1. Tanaya

    I am seriously impressed if you can complete that pose! My uptight bod would be in some major pain even attempting that. OUCH!

  2. TxGambit

    Very coooool!!!!

    That was a very productive conference call then.


  3. Mar

    I AM so proud!

  4. Tree

    Aimee, that is awesome!!!!

    After I return from Napa, I really must try out yoga.

  5. greeblemonkey

    Well, I wouldn’t say I am actually doing full-on yoga yet – but I am heading in that direction!

  6. greeblemonkey

    Now you are making me *LAUGH* my *ASS* off!!!

  7. aimeee

    tight ass and post baby go hand in hand. this yoga pose is awesome for your hips/butt. There is one other one I love too but I don’t have a picture. Don’t sit with you legs crossed – my pilates teacher told me it is the worst thing you can do…..and don’t ever give up the massages. You should try a good yoga class and pilates- it really helps me loosen up and tighten my core after c-section.

  8. greeblemonkey

    I know I know! I need to go buy a good chair so I can sit uncrossed.

  9. Your Lil Sis

    Aim- Be careful just sinkining in to that pose without preparing your lumber spine (lower back) first. I suggest trying to stretch your adductors (inner thighs) release your glut medius (litle butt muscle near low back) and finally stretch hams first. Proper order is real important in getting that to give as well as preventing injury.I’d be more than happy to show/photocopy/tell you. BIG SUGGESTION***** Try using a physioball as the most ergonomic chair/seat available…..given the endless and obvious hours you spend at your puter. You’d need a 65cm (I’d be happy to get you one if you’ll use it). Your whole office should try it!!!! (Reduces carpel tunnel, low back neck and shoulder pain, other repetive strain injuries and increases worker productivity etc….) I’d be happy to do a workshop for you guys— plus you could do a mini workout/awsome stretching in the middle of the day ! I promise your massage therapist would thank you for it! I love you. Karr

  10. Bryan

    AIMEE! Why are you posting those photos of me? You said they were just for us!!! I feel so…so…American Idol-ed. At least you Photoshopped out the monuments in the background.

    Oh, wait. I know why you posted these. It must be because I am a PAIN IN THE ASS!

    I still feel violated. *sob*

  11. greeblemonkey

    Thanks! I am very careful when I get down there. And I don’t really do the erect craziness in the picture, so not as much pressure on the back – more all about just stretching out my rear. Kinda along what Tanaya was saying – for some reason sitting Indian style has always been the most comfy stretch for me, so this pose is really, really comfortable for some reason… But Karrie brings up good points… this post was for fun… people should make sure they are getting advice from professionals like my sis – don’t hurt yourself please! As with my addiction post, let’s all remember I am a graphic designer and this is all for fun! 😉

    And Karrie, there is no damn way I am sitting on a ball all day. 🙂 I’ll spend the money to get a good chair and my workplace is casual and all, but I am not greeting clients by rolling over to them on my pink physioball!!! 😉 hee hee.

  12. Anonymous

    Aren’t you a progressive multimedia graphics firm into health promotion? Why WOULDN’T you greet current and potential clients on an ball? I wouldn’t knock it till you try it. BTW the one I use is grey not pink.

  13. greeblemonkey

    Yeah yeah yeah. It’s more like I would roll over and fall on my ass!

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