"I Bet You Can’t Say…"

Here is our newest favorite game to play with Declan at dinner time. We say “I Bet You Can’t Say…” and insert some outrageously multisyllabic adult-like word for him to try to pronounce. The crazy thing is, most of the time, he nails it! Danielle (the pharmacist) is particularly good at this game because she comes up with all the creepy crawly medical stuff.

Here are the words from last nights game:
• serendipity
• pandemic
• specification
• opportunistic
• testosterone
• archipelago
• quantifiable
• repercussion
• triceratops
• schizophrenic
• cinematography
• proliferation
• simultaneously

Before you get too impressed, though, remember this is also the kid who still spontaneously smacks his head against the dining room table for no apparent reason.

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  1. mamalicious

    archapelago? I can’t even spell that without looking back at your post (did I spell it right???). you guys are NUTS. 🙂 Ellie walks around saying STUPENDOUS because she wants to be Fancy Nancy.

  2. Tree

    LMAO! I like it a lot. And I *am* impressed.

  3. Builder Mama

    Wow! I can barely say some of those words myself…the curse of working with people who use primarily 4-letter words.

  4. schloobie

    Yeah, I did actually have to look up archipelago to type it into the post – ha ha!!

  5. schloobie

    And, no you didn’t spell it right. 😉

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