I can hear crickets in my office now…

One more thing I wrangled for myself while in Wyoming: a new painting. Have I ever mentioned what a great painter Marabeth’s husband Jim is? He picked up a paintbrush in 1999 after the death of his mother, teaching himself along the way, and has developed a unique folk art style.

Their house is like a gallery and Jim sells paintings all over Wyoming, Colorado and many other places in the States. I finally talked him into setting up an Etsy shop so he can take the internet by storm as well. (Soon, we’ll have a revamped web site up and running too!)

Go check it out:

I love his command of color and texture. And the way he can evoke feeling with the simplest of objects.

See, my new painting is already hanging in my office. Chirp chirp chirp.

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  1. joansy

    Very cool. The textures I great. I love the cricket, but I’m really taken with some of the cats. I bet it looks great in your office.

  2. aimee / greeblemonkey

    J- I have another one at the house that he did of a horse with metal pieces on it that I just love too. That colors are phenominal.

  3. Sarah

    Oh my gosh – I love that!!!

  4. heidi :: daisybones

    I’m just enchanted! It’s adorable!

  5. Anonymous

    He is so talented!

  6. Sue at nobaddays

    Crickets and spiders are under rated … lucky you to have both. It’s beautiful

  7. Tree

    I love it, too. I like the colors, the textures, the characters. I like to make up stories for them.

  8. monstergirlee

    There’s a gal with a green striped shirt that I’m quite enchanted with. I think I’ll have to ask for it for Christmas. I hope it lasts that long.
    Thanks for showing us Jim’s work – he’s very talented.

  9. aimee / greeblemonkey

    C – my other fave right now is the couple with crowns. it is very luminescent.

  10. Sizzle

    that is a really really great painting.

  11. Laurie

    I like the ones with cats too. And the black and white ones are really cool.

  12. Catherine

    Maybe it’s that I always want what everybody else has, but I love your painting the best! Seriously though, I didn’t allow my eyes to wander ahead and rest on the picture until I was done reading your post up to that point, so then when I did look… wow. You’re right about the feelings it can evoke!

    P.S. I also really loved the La Volpe Rossa. I might have to drop some overt hints around a certain husband.

  13. sue

    Um… if it didn’t have a spider in it (I HATE them) I’d like it a lot more…

  14. nutmeg

    I like yours best too. I also like angel with cup of c. They’re really good, but not as good as your portrait photography!

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