I know it’s crazy, but are you thinking Christmas presents yet?

I know. What the hell.

I *hate* it when people bring up shopping for the holidays before it’s even Halloween. But the store I am about to push makes everything by hand, and making things by hand TAKES TIME, yos. [And pssst, they are friends, and really cool, and funny, and smart, and did I mention funny???]

You may have even heard of these people. It’s the audacious Amy Turn Sharp of Dooblehvay and her decidedly adorable wood toys of Little Alouette, which she makes with her English husband of the also decidedly adorable bald head.

Although WHAT IS THE DEAL with Amy’s librarian voice in this video?

I have met her several times in person, and I can tell you FOR REALS, I have never heard her speak like this. Unless she was whispering a dirty joke in my ear. Other than that, NEVER.

Either way. If you are looking for wonderful toys for any sorts of kiddos for any sort of occasion over the next few months, really, truly, check these guys out. FOR REALS.

I Took The Handmade Pledge! BuyHandmade.org

P.S. You have till midnight tonight to enter for this month’s Greeblemix! Also handmade!

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  1. Mamma

    It makes me wish I had a million babies at home to buy teethers for.

    Okay not really, cause that would be a LOT of diapers and no sleep.

  2. amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay

    OMG- Yr so amazing! Thank you darling! I know- my friend making the video told me to speak slowly and I was all like- “Hi. I am a tour guide.”
    LOVE you! xoxox
    thanks for always supporting handmade.

  3. AnnetteK

    I’m already thinking Christmas too – crocheting like crazy. What I can’t give as gifts I’ll sell so I can buy other handmade things.

  4. Heather

    It reminded me of the narration tapes that went with filmstrips in elementary school. Though timely reminder that I need to get a sweet little something for a new baby boy.

  5. Anonymous

    these are lovely – thanks for sharing! – m

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