I really freak myself out sometimes.

I have always had a bit of my Oma in me. And when I say Oma, I mean freaky psychic. Oma was always the one to know in advance about births, deaths, people getting knocked up, knocked down… anything. I have always had that same ability to know when people where going to call me, especially ex-boyfriends. At first it freaked Bryan out when I would say, “Chris is going to call me tonight,” and he would… but then he just started asking me who to bet on for certain sporting events. (Just kidding about that last part).

Tonight we were headed to an Open House at the neighborhood elementary school. I randomly thought of a woman who I had met at the park a few months ago and said to myself, “I will see her tonight.” And I just knew it.

Later that evening, at the Open House (which had a very large turnout, I might add)… my stomach dropped when I saw her across the room. Not sure why I continue to be amazed at this phenomenon. Also not sure why I don’t go ahead and bet on sporting events.

The funny thing is, what freaked me out most was the thought of my son starting Kindergarten in SEPTEMBER 2007. That is 1.5 years away, people.

Holy shit.

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