Ick, a MAN!

As many of you know, I post on several Mommy message boards around the Internet. Repeat, MOMMY boards. OK, maybe I am being overly exclusive, and they are open for everyone… but STILL.

I know I am going to sound totally bigoted, but all of a sudden there is a MAN posting on one of my boards. A LOT. And posting like all these polls, some with sex questions in them – it is just freaking me out. I was teetering on quitting there and really I actually don’t go there very often anymore, but this may be the final straw. ICK.

He could be just doing it to get his weird jollies (more likely, he is looking for BTDT advice just like the rest of us, but the paranoia is much more fun). Of course, I suppose any of the women there could be doing that too. I guess I need to just suck it up or shut up, since it is a totally public forum. I even warned him about all the times we talk about our period – but he doesn’t seem to scare easily.

Another board I post on has a name for people who pose as women and post on these boards to have a bit of fun – “Hairy Phil” – as in they could be some fat, hairy old dude posting about poop cause it gets him off. Ewww.

So along those lines, would this man infiltrator be a “Hairy Phyllis?”

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