If I fall asleep while typing this post, I apologize.

I had orientation for my sleep study early this week. They tried to shove a bunch of sleep apnea stuff down my throat until they realized I was actually there for night terrors. And they kept trying to tell me that I should take my Lunesta the night of the sleep study. I repeatedly questioned this – because, in my mind, it kind of defeated the purpose of the whole thing, right? I mean, if you are trying to detect night terrors, shouldn’t I be as little medicated as possible?

I should have kept my big fat yap shut, because once she went and asked the head honcho – not only can I not have Lunesta the night of the study – I need to stop taking it all week. I woke up no less than 4 times last night and feel like a walking zombie only after 2 nights. And this is what I used to feel like all the freaking time. I sure hope we get some answers on Friday.

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