I’m Rockin’!

We did a weigh-in and measure-in at the gym this morning…. Normally something I would dread, but today was kick-ass.

Since the end of October, I have lost an inch off the waist, an inch off the hips, and 1/2 inch off my thighs (and my arms stayed the same, the bastards). I have also lost 1.5 pounds from my lowest point over the holidays… and if you count the ups and downs over the holidays, I have lost 3.5 pounds since my highest point. It’s all about statistics that make me feel good, don’t you know? My darling husband often says, “If you gained a pound, that is just water retention… if you lose a pound, you have been working your ass off!” Have I mentioned lately how much I love him?

Also, my body fat dropped by .8% – which means I AM NOW IN NORMAL BODY FAT RANGE.


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