In The Zone

I had a great night at pottery class tonight. I got back on the wheel after about a 9 month hiatus and wham, bam… I made 5 fairly large (at least for me) bowls in one night. I only collapsed one (thus I would have had 6) and I also worked really hard to get the walls thinner than I normally do. Let’s just say they aren’t as thin as they should be – but I was really happy with my progress.

Of course, at the end of the night, my teacher jokingly asks me when am I going to trim these 5 pots I just churned out? Because next week we are making water fountains. Doh. I guess I just need to see if I can come in early Thursday night and do both!

I also finally got to take home new wreath I made for our dining room table – a Springey version of my holly leaf advent wreath. It’s a little daintier than the stuff I normally do – so that made it extra hard for me. Yes, I had to hand-make each and every one of those roses.

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