Interesting Day

Bryan started to have a tummy ache yesterday. The tummy ache grew into full-blow pain in the belly + nausea this morning, so he stayed home from work. Around 2, he called me and said he thinks he should go to urgent care. And when my Bryan says he wants to go to the doctor, I move my ass. I looked it up and the closest urgent care was, well, not close – so we headed to the ER. (What the hell, right? Our deductible is paid up, right?).

They did a bunch of tests plus a heap of poking and prodding (Bryan’s prostate is very healthy, in case you were wondering) – all of which came back normal. They gave him an IV drip with some anti-pain and anti-nausea meds and we hung around watching the IV drip for a few hours. (Which, by the way – his measly one IV bag pales in comparison to my all time record of four bags in one evening).

They released him, said it was probably a virus, and sent us on our way with the warning that if the symptoms came back, we needed to come back.

They came back.

With a vengeance.

We just dropped him off and I put Declan to bed… and am now sitting around waiting for a phone call to tell me my honey is OK.

Send good, healthy vibes to Bryan tonight, y’all.

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