It never fails.

Bryan and I pulled out our calendars about two months ago. We had decided we should take an afternoon off and make a big gooey husband and wife date out of a Rockies game. We carefully looked through the baseball schedule, talked about what work projects were due when, and decided May 21st was perfect.

I bought tickets.

Yesterday, a letter came home in Declan’s backpack. He had reached his Million Word reading goal for the year! The school was so proud! Thrilled! They wanted to reward all those hard-working kids! With a Rockies game!

On. May. 21st.

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  1. zenrain

    Now you can go and be a chaperone from the other side of the field 😉

  2. Rachel

    But of course!
    Wow, that’s some seriously short notice though.
    Have fun.

  3. James

    “Phew!” said the Rockies fans that don’t need to see gooey husband and wife crap at their sporting event.

  4. NANCY

    Hi, I found your blog through Nablopomo. Your blog is very cute and I loved what I saw in the etsy store =)

  5. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Loralee and Rachel – it’s a day game and they would be taking the kids during school time so it’s really no big deal about the notice… it’s more like, who weird will it be for us to be sitting there and look over and see our kid’s whole school there??? Like do we mosey over during the 7th inning stretch and say hi? With beer in hand?

    And welcome and thanks Nan

  6. Loralee Choate


    That is AWFULLY short notice for a school to be giving about something as big as a game. BOO on them!


    That is really funny.

  8. zipper


  9. sekinzer

    Steer clear is my advice. I went two years ago and spent the entire game taking kids to the bathroom. Then on the bus ride home, I got barfed on.

  10. J at

    Stay as far away as possible, is my advice. Enjoy the gooey!

  11. AB

    So the school is taking them? At least you still get to enjoy the game by yourselves! It could have been worse – they used to just give us tickets so our PARENTS could take us!!!

  12. Mollyfa

    Oh crapadoodle! Isn’t it always the way.

  13. merrymishaps

    Of course, this will be the game where you enjoy a few beers and get caught dancing on the jumbo-tron, right?

  14. Anonymous

    As always, impeccable timing!

  15. MB

    Yes, i like the idea of beers and being busted on the jumbo-tron and you know, Aimee, that’s EXACTLY what would happen. I’ve seen you shake your shimmy!

  16. painted maypole

    it’s a big stadium, right? you could just avoid them?

    he he

  17. Anonymous

    awesome! double date!

  18. Mrs. Chicken

    Isn’t that just always the way? 🙂

  19. EatPlayLove

    LOL! Hopefully you have better seats, I know those school seats, nose bleeders! What if Declan saw you and the hubby making out on the jumbotron! haha!

  20. sue

    Of course.

  21. Steph

    Isn’t that the way it happens? I have given up on dates with hubby at least well in advance planned ones.

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