Izzy loves me too.

Even if she can’t spell my name.

I rock again.

Thanks Uzzy, err, I mean Izzy. 😉

(I am totally kidding about the name thing. I get it all the time. You should see how people butcher my last name. And I think you rock too.)

P.S. Three posts in one day! Hey! I DO ROCK!

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  1. Sarah

    That’s awesome! Congrats “Amy”!

  2. aimee / greeblemonkey

    ha ha “Allyson” 🙂

    So, which songs did did he sing to you?

  3. soccer mom in denial

    You do rock “Amee”!

    And thanks for inspiring the Level 42 e-seranade by my husband.

  4. laurie


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