January Greeblemix (and our start to the New Year)

First, do you remember how last year started off? Food poisoning for Bryan? Well, last night, as Jeff and Danielle were over for dinner, and we had cheese appetizers (NOT from the Truffle, just in case), we joked and joked and joked bout Bryan’s barfing escapades.

We should have shut our yaps.

Because about 3am, Declan decided to show his dad up. He called for me, as he valiantly tried to keep it all in, but as I ushered him to the bathroom, vomit ended up all over his bed, the rug, the hall, the wall, his hair, my hair, the bathroom… and finally – the toilet.

This was after he already woke up once at 1am because he had a peeing-in-the-bed accident and we had to strip the sheets. (Have I mentioned we are trying to get past pullups at night?)

So, 2008 has been fun so far.

Bryan has predicted that 2009 will be my year to vomit – yahooooo!

But, seeing as it’s the first of the month, we’ll take a break from my vacation recaps to do my monthly mix CD contest giveaway. For the 5 of you bleary eyed readers able enough to start your computers and read blogs, that is.

Remember the rules?

1. Three CDs will be given away, 1 per commenter.

2. First 3 correct answers win.

3. One guess per commenter.

4. If you get wrong answers, feel free to keep guessing.

5. If you won last month, take a break this month.

So, here is the question… Of course, it will be ocean-related since I have vacation on the brain:

NAME THREE BEACHES I HAVE BEEN TO IN MY LIFETIME. (Except Maui, Hawaii, because that would be too easy!) Be specific, please!

Good luck!

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  1. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Kim/Mama2Munchkin is the 1st winner!

    I deleted her comment though, because she had pretty much ALL the right answers! 🙂

    And thus no one else could win!

    But congrats Kim!

    **TWO MORE CD’s up for grabs!**

  2. Christine

    How about St. Thomas USVI, Laguna Beach, CA, and Naxos, Greece? No? Oh, that’s right…those are beaches I’ve been to. Ah well. Good luck everyone else and Happy New Year!

  3. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    LOL, Christine!! Those are all good guesses since I *want* to go there! Maybe next month!

  4. joansy

    I suppose “that pretty one in Mexico” is not quite specific enough of an answer. In any event, Happy new Year!

  5. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Aww, Jonell, try harder, you are close!

  6. Karen

    No ideas about the beaches I’m afraid, Maybe a couple in Europe, one in Africa perhaps, Florida….???? I’m clueless!! LOL

    Sorry to hear about Dec’s spewfest. Poor little love – hope he’s better soon.

  7. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Karen, more specific!

    And Meghann is winner #2!!!

    And Declan is feeling a bit better… we’ve lazed the day away and he is sleeping now… no more spewing, thank god.

    One more CD available!

  8. Anonymous

    Is Ocean City considered a beach?


  9. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    And AH gets Mix #3!!!!

    Congrats to the winners!

    Send me your snail mails and they will go out around the end of the week!

  10. Ali

    oh no…new years eve is cursed. i’ll pray for you that YOU don’t get the barfs next year! happy new year, Aimee!

  11. Ali

    also…i ALWAYS miss your cds…can’t you makea special little exception for me??

  12. Sizzle

    poor kiddo! 🙁

  13. zenrain

    so sorry about last night…yikes!!
    and even though i’m too late, i’ll give an answer, St. Augustine!!!

  14. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Today was rough, folks. No more puking – but lots of fever and whining. The kid is definitely not himself. But sleeping right now, and hopefully will have a good night.

    And MB, OF COURSE St. Augustine was one of them! :))))

  15. carrie

    Oh no . . .

    Hope D feels better today.

    And hope you got a shower. I know the feeling very well, unfortunately.

  16. painted maypole

    wer’e working on the pull-up thing, too. had been off them for several months when we had a bad run of being up several nights in a row, and then went back on them. may try to get off them again soon.

  17. sue

    Happy New Year! Maybe if it comes in with a um…’bang’… it will go out like a lamb, or is that March? LOL!

    At any rate, hope Declan is feeling much better now and your 2008 is smoothing out…

  18. nutmeg

    Dear Declan,

    You’re far too young to be toasting in the New Year! We made Keira wait until she was seven and we don’t let her mix the beer with the hard stuff. Tell your mom I said, “likely story!”


  19. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    CHEESE! Regina, you are so right! I should search out a cheese class!

  20. Anonymous

    I love these contests! And fun resolutions!

  21. regina

    Cheeeeese. I recall you previously mentioning that you fancied taking cheese lessons. I just read this today and thought of you.

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