January Greeblemix Winners! And: The Day I Seriously Pissed Off My IT Guy.

You guys were all cracking me up with your disdain for New Year’s Eve. I think you deserve some music. Well. At least 3 of you.

23 – Jellyjules
40- Zandor Hello Jello
6 – Kelly Southern Living

Winners, send your snail mails to aimee at greeblemonkey dot com, and I will mail your CD and CALENDAR asap!

Semi Automatic by The Boxer Rebellion
Castaways by Shearwater
Sit Down By the Fire by The Veils
Pulling Mussels by Squeeze
Grounds for Divorce by Elbow
My Mistakes Were Made for You by The Last Shadow Puppets
Just Friends by Ernie Halter
Hard to Beat by Hard-FI
Use Somebody by Kings of Leon
I Feel Possessed by Crowded House
I Don’t Know a Thing by Lucy Schwartz
Grain of Salt by The Morning Benders
Subculture by New Order
50mph by Memory Cassette
Beach Comber by Real Estate
This City by The Chemists
A Revolution Song by Tim Myers
The Only One I Know by The Charlatans
More of This by Vetiver
Don’t Listen to the Radio by The Vines
Cosmic Girl by Jamiroquai

Also, sidenote, holy hell. We had quite a morning around my work. Remember that post about all those funny people on Twitter? Well, thanks to Designhermomma, it hit Stumble Upon, and then after bouncing around there for a few days, it slammed the front page of the humor section today. DO YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A POST HITS THE FRONT PAGE OF THE STUMBLE HUMOR SECTION? Yes. Your whole office of 35 people loses their internet and phone system. Sorry you can’t make outbound calls, office, but THIS IS FRACKING AWESOME!

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  1. zenrain

    that is awesome!

  2. Meghann

    Go Aimee!

    p.s.-don’t the people in your office have priorities?!

  3. Xtian

    Huzzah! I mean, BOO! Don’t the people in your office have laptops and know where the nearest Wi-Fi hot-spots are?

  4. zipper

    That is awesome! And the mix looks great as usual.

  5. MoCo Mom

    You crack me up! And congrats for the press.

  6. J at www.jellyjules.com

    ACK, I WON??? YAY!!! I’ll send you my snail mail asap.

    Oh, and congrats on Stumbleupon. Sorry about your coworkers not being able to work.

  7. The Casual Perfectionist

    Yay! I mean, oops! p.s. Don’t the people in your office have cell phones? 😉

  8. Kelly

    WOO HOO! For me and you! lol
    I’m soooo excited for a calendar and new music! Thank you! 🙂


    That is awesome.
    I really enjoyed that post and I should have commented then but I was too busy trying to see all the funny.

  10. chloebear

    wow – i know SOMEONE! cool.

    I also really enjoyed that post

  11. Anonymous

    hilarious! and love the music. – m

  12. Chris

    My bandwidth!!! Where the hell is my bandwidth?!?!

  13. monstergirlee

    WOW! How awesome was that? Congrats!

    so anyway, I am very sad I did not win. I tried. However I do love NYE.

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