Keggs & Eggs 2022 - KTCL Channel 93.3 - Denver Concert Photos

KTCL Channel 93.3’s Keggs & Eggs 2022

In typical Denver fashion, St. Patrick’s Day brought a heap of snow and green Coors Light beer. Keggs & Eggs 2022 returned to Jackson’s LoDo, with lots of music and good cheer. KTCL Channel 93.3 puts on this party every spring (COVID-willing) and pulls in a great lineup of bands for a way, way, way early morning concert.

Locals Vynyl started the day off, partly due to the fact that they were the Hometown For The Holidays winner right before the pandemic, partly due to them being a really fun band. Girlfriends followed and many of us vowed to see them again ASAP. Milky Chance flew in from Germany to show off their combination of indie/folk/reggae/rock. I mean how could they not play Keggs & Eggs after dominating the past year with “Colorado,” the new anthem of our state and that Mile High feeling???

In between all that music, Channel 93.3 DJs played Irish-related games with the crowd and we had an extra special + jumpy visit from the Denver Nuggets mascot Rocky.

KTCL’s events are always fun and I look forward to the next one, especially since snow will be unlikely on that day. Although, you never know around here.

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Denver Keggs & Eggs 2022 Photos

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