King Lear! With a 7 Year Old!

This video shows:

a). Our poor acting skills.

b). Declan’s poor camera-holding skills.

c). A chopped up version of us waiting for dinner and practicing King Lear lines for Declan’s class project.


P.S. Watch for the FACE. The FACE that Declan makes when he is irritated with me. It’s awesome.

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  1. Sizzle

    They are reading that in 2nd grade?! Wow. You guys are hilarious.

    “Still not commenting”

    hee hee!

    Your hair is SO LONG NOW. Wow!

  2. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    I know! They are all totally in love with Shakespeare! It’s killing me – they have worked on 12th Night and Midsummer’s Night Dream as well!

  3. anniemcq

    Ohhhhh!!!! This is too hysterical! I love that he’s going to play GONERIL! She’s such a witch! Tell him playing the bad guy is the most fun EVER.

  4. zenrain

    Too funny!! I love your hair, it’s so long!!

  5. monstergirlee

    That was awesome, especially That face.
    He is so dang cute, I LOVE his dimples.
    That kid has such fun parents.

  6. Tropical Mum

    Shakespeare for Grade 2? I am positive I did not study Shakespeare until Grade 9!!

    Anyway, I feel kind of silly because MileHighMamas followed me on Twitter and I followed the link and commented on your post, but didn’t realise that was not your website, but a forum of sorts. So, I followed you here and now I am following you. What a blog hop I have been on today!

    I’m following you here and following MHM. I am not stalking you I promise. Well maybe I am, but in a good way.


  7. Kim Hosey

    Oh my gosh; you guys are just SO much fun. Love Bryan’s reading.

    And yeah; wow at Shakespeare in 2nd grade.

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