Laying or Sticking?

We got some Spring snow here in Colorado yesterday. Yippee. And when I say “Yippee,” I mean “When the fuck will it be full-on Springtime already???”

I made a comment to some friends that at least it wasn’t “laying” and got teased about the sexual innuendo in my weather report. According to them, the universal term is “sticking.”

So I did a little test with Bryan… I said, “what do you call it when snow falls but it melts and doesn’t make a blanket of white?” And he said “It’s not laying?”

So at least we have the terminology straight in my own house.

UPDATE: After an unscientific email poll at the office – it appears that Bryan and I are the only two people on the planet who use the term “laying” when speaking of snow. Except my mom. Who I suspect taught me that word to have a gigantic practical joke just before I turned 36. She’s crafty, that one.

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