Life With Boys

The Scene: We’re getting dressed for work and Declan is in the room goofing around and jabbering on. While he is jabbering on, he is continually looking at my breasts. I lift his chin once. I lift his chin twice. Finally…

Aimee: “Declan, it’s not polite to stare at a woman’s breasts.”

Declan: (Wearing a shit-eating grin) “But I like to, because they’re so cute!”

Bryan: (Who proceeds to wipe his eyes with fake tears, shake his head and smile) “This is the proudest day of my entire life.”

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  1. Anonymous



  2. Anonymous

    ha ha, he’s a boob man!

  3. Sarah

    I love it!

  4. Lil Sis'

    LOL—- been coaching Ridge all day to route for the Terrapins (NCAA’s Tourney started today)… sporting his/my favorite Fear The Turtle tshirt … getting him to say “GGOOO TERPS!!” which in his adorable little (just about as I type) two year old voice has come out all day long as
    “GOOOOO TITS”… guess it runs in the fam! xoxo ps we won!!!

  5. g-man

    Bryan must be SO proud! There is another one inducted into the collective! Soon he will be able to discern different types. He will no doubt share his observations with is dad, totally a bonding thing.

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