Look up "brat" in the dictionary and you’ll see my picture.

The woman who cleans our house called last night to let me know she can’t come this Friday because of family emergency. After a rush of “I hope everything goes OK,’s” we got off the phone and the truth sank in.

My cleaning lady can’t come this Friday.

I am having a party for Bryan’s birthday on Saturday.

What…? Now I have to… actually… CLEAN?

P.S. In my defense, please remember we canceled cable and watch TV through rabbit ears in order to afford this cleaning service, so I am not as big a brat as I appear. But I am still ticked I am going to have to spend my Saturday cleaning.

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  1. Tanaya

    I feel the same way every Saturday when I clean. However, Mister would never give up cable TV for a cleaning lady. Of course, why should he when he has me?

  2. Sue at nobaddays

    Twins separated at birth you and I … we don’t have cable so we splurge on a cleaning company. They come every two weeks. Bliss and sanity.

  3. Pretty Lush

    I’m with ya on that. Good luck

  4. Heather

    Right there with ya! Did you ask if she could recommend someone else to pinch hit this time?

  5. sue

    I’m jealous.

  6. joansy

    I think those Merry Maids people, or something like that, will show up w/ just a little notice.

    I so, so, so need to hire someone.

  7. Anonymous

    can she come on Monday? I’d much rather have someone clean after the party than before. although I’d rather not clean myself ever. 🙂

  8. Jennifer aka Binky Bitch

    Never apologize for being smart enough to figure out how to get SOMEONE ELSE to clean!!!

  9. Alpha DogMa

    I have satellite and a house that is a sty. Yeah, that says heaps about me – equal parts lazy and cheap.

  10. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Ha ha all! And S, that’s a good thought… I will try to call tomorrow.

    And Melissa… It all rots, except American Idol of course. And we still get our fair share of screen time via Netflix! 😉

  11. Melissa

    You are SO my people – I would go naked if that’s what I would have to sacrifice in order to have that wonderful feeling of coming home to a clean kitchen, spotless floors and bathrooms. TV rots your brain, anyway, right?

  12. acethehappywife (aimee e)

    Call another service and pay the extra bucks for the cleaning. You will be happy you did.
    I am waiting for the day that I can have mine come once a week so we can eat off the floors – well Owen already does that but he doesn’t realize how dirty they get!

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