Mac Martyr No More

Over the past several months, I have felt great guilt as I watched Bryan struggle to render his 3D homework on his old Mac in his basement office. While I happily do the blog dance on my lovely newish iMac in my upstairs office. (If you don’t understand the comparison, it’s like me making those pre-fab cookies with the shapes already cut out in Emeril’s oven, while Bryan tries to make a soufflé on a camping stove.) He keeps telling me it’s “fine.” Or that he can make due with a Mac Mini. Well, screw that.

We couldn’t afford what I wanted to get him (A MacPro Tower with mega power and bells and whistles) but we could afford a 20″ iMac that is similar to mine but just a little more powerful (and has that crazy Intel chip). Plus WAY better than what he has now. And his silent suffering will stop.

But the best part?

He will now have an iSight on his machine too.

I can see it now.


(Imagine our mugs in this photo instead of Apple employees)

Aimee: Hi.

Bryan: Hi.

Aimee: How is the basement?

Bryan: Good. Are you ready for bed?

Aimee: Yes. You?

Bryan: Yes. I will be right up.

SEE? It is sooooooooo worth the money.

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  1. joansy

    Yea!!! And many congrats. I love the video conferencing gig.

    I’m slowly getting persuaded on the mac laptop. Maybe soon.

  2. Anonymous

    that is awesome (and hilarious)!

  3. Heather

    I am sure Gman will have mac-envy, he has a big honkin’ imac at work and actually brought it home once on his way to their back-up ops center.

  4. Christina

    Oooh, I envy your video conferencing abilities! That will be awesome to have.

    (Hey, what happened to your post in response to my post about mom bloggers? I was going to respond, but hit refresh and it was gone.)

  5. Anonymous

    Why are those three people looking down on that smaller guy in that picture? Oh…he must have a mac-mini.


  6. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Christina, email me at aimee at greeblemonkey dot com 🙂

    and LOL James!

  7. Anonymous

    oh – oh – I want one too!

  8. g-man

    Heather is kinda right. I do like my iMac G5, but you can keep the iSight. I’d get a little freaked out knowing there is a camera always pointed at my head. When I retire and get my photo studio up and running, I’d like to use an iMac to show customers proofs, while have a workstation with dual cinematic displays for processing.

  9. Bryan

    My old computer didn’t seem all that slow before, but with the promise of something new coming, it seems pretty sluggish.

    I have the most wonderful wife!!!

    To everyone else: Don’t envy me. If you work hard, apply yourself, make good decisions, and marry well, you too can get one of these babies. And if you are nice to me, maybe when I upgrade in a few years, I’ll sell you this one. 😉

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