Marky Mark, where are you when I need you?

As I mentioned earlier this week – I have my sleep study tonight. It’s been ten (plus) years in the making. And during the run-up to this monumental event, the doc asked me to stop taking my Lunesta. (Which has only served to remind me how shitty I used to sleep pre-Lunesta). And in the meantime, I feel my period coming on and I am getting a cold. (Let’s hope the Airborne and Cold Eeze help out, or I am going to be a mess for my business trip/vacation next week).

But seriously, could more things mount up to show them a night full of great examples of my sleep terrors? The only missing piece is a gang of spiders running around my hospital room.

Bryan thinks I have conjured up the “Perfect Storm” for tonight. And he feel sincerely sorry for the employees at St. Anthony’s Hospital. And is looking forward to the wonderful night of sleep he’ll have without me here.

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