Maryland: Day One

Declan and I headed out to the airport at the butt-crack of dawn Saturday morning, only to come to a screeching halt at the security line. (Oh yeah. Duh. It’s Memorial Day weekend.) But this most have been the mother of all Memorial Days, because the security line, at 7am, Saturday morning, not only filled the entire queue inside the big white tent at DIA – it rounded the corner and filled up half of the baggage claim area as well.

I called my mom and warned her we probably would be missing our flight.

But, in a miracle of time and space – including some literal dragging of a 4 year old as I ran at warp speed to our gate – we made it onto the plane with about 3 minutes to spare. Then the poor guy seated next to me made it with literally 1 minute to spare and pretty much popped a lung to do it – he was frantically trying to make it to his best friend’s wedding at the Naval Academy the next day. A sight not to be missed, for sure.

After we safely arrived at my mom’s house near Annapolis, I promptly melted from the humidity and my hair stayed soaked for the rest of the weekend. I have finally realized not to even bother with my hair while on the east coast and accept the fact that it will look like poop. Embrace it, rejoice in it, and it’s easier to look in the mirror – I promise.

And as my mom and aunt kindly babysat Declan for the evening, I headed to downtown Annapolis to meet up with my friend Christina, her husband Sam and their near-6 year old son Adam. We had a yummy dinner and then proceeded to make a spectacle of ourselves on the Annapolis docks, taking portraits of their family while I contorted myself all over the wood planks. Whatever, I’m from Colorado, right?

The results were totally worth it anyway.

(Click on any photo to see the large version)

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  1. Heather

    Fabulous pictures!

  2. Anonymous

    Awesome! I agree they are great photos. Erika

  3. g-man

    Nice shootin’ Tex!

    Glad you made your flight and stuff.

  4. rachel

    Paging the talent scout for J Crew. These are magazine-worthy.

  5. Chris

    These are FANTASTIC! Excellent shots!

  6. Builder Mama

    Great shots of some of my favorite people! Glad you guys were able to get together!

  7. MPPs Mom

    i have been dying to get to this site all day!

    you are fabulous, they came out so great. thank you thank you thank you for making time for us.
    Love YOU!

  8. Anne

    Wonderful pictures, Aimee. Gorgeous subjects, of course… but you did really good work.


  9. TxGambit

    As always! Amazing, amazing pics. Of course, I love the sujbects in the pics so that helps too!

    I have GOT to get out there so you can take our pics.

  10. Brenda

    These are great, I love the background! Beautiful family!

  11. TriBalSimBa

    Make and Model of you Camera Please. Great SHOTS!!!

  12. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Thanks everyone! 🙂

    I have a Canon Digital Rebel XT, and shot these in RAW format mostly with my Canon 60mm Macro lens, actually. I also just recently purchased the 85mm/1.8 Canon lens for the purpose of doing portraits but it had not arrived before I left for the trip. Some of the pics were taken with the standard kit lens that comes with the Digital Rebel.

  13. Sizzle

    fantastic pics. now i feel like being by the water and boats. so picturesque!

  14. ssmith

    MPPs G’ma thinks the photos are awesome. You are certainly talented, Aimee, I’ve seen some of your other work, too. And, your subjects are 3 of the finest people I love.

  15. aimee / greeblemonkey

    With the Rebel I have to do very little editing anymore. I do usually pull the levels up/lighten it a bit, just since most people are looking at them on dark PC monitors and also when I get them printed, they are usually on the darker side.

    With these particular shots, we kind of times it to make sure we had that perfect sunset light.

    Also, I shoot mostly in manual mode and I get MUCH better color and exposure than auto.

  16. Izzy

    Did you color correct these photos? They’re gorgeous! I have a Nikon D-50 but have never taken the time to really learn how to take great pictures. Nice!

  17. lvtwingrins

    Awesome pics… Can I fly you out to LV to take some pics of us now??? …and C and family are one beautiful bunch.

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