Memory Lane

I am ALMOST finished Harry Potter (no worries, no spoilers!), so I really have nothing interesting to say since my head is filled with wizards and witches. But I thought it would be fun to pull some of my favorite posts from back in the day (way before I turned comments on!) and revisit them… that maybe you would find them illuminating (Luminos!), spellbinding (Stupify!) and funny (Hilariamos!). OK, I made that last one up. Bear with me and Harry will clear my head soon.

Till then, enjoy a stroll down memory lane. And don’t forget to make fun of the poor writing and spelling errors. But keep in mind that Blog years are like dog years, right? So, I was about Declan’s age when I wrote most of this stuff.

Happy Birthday My Darling Boy

Healthy Unhappiness
My Sinuses Resemble an English Muffin
Words That Make A Mama Proud
How a beginning reader and a weirdo adult communicate.
You Know It’s Humid in Colorado When…
10 Years of Marriage
Recent Declanisms
My hubsand is a very funny (and gross) man.
Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
Celebration of a Really Great Dog
For My Oma
Things I Love
Declanisms of The Week
Things I Hate
Declan’s Birth Story + Friday The 13th
Recent Declan Cuteness
My Two Little Harry Carays
12 Years
Jeff’s Sniglet
Going With The Flow
Press 1 To Kill Your Husband
Hot Potato

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  1. Sarah

    It was fun to read those old posts! Bryan is a riot.

  2. Anonymous

    LOVED the crazy hair picture of Bryan.

  3. nutmeg

    I’m going to be visiting this list a bit to get thru the before-I-found-the-hip-Colorado-chick posts! Nathan and I are starting the book tonight!

  4. nutmeg

    Okay, back to say I’m stealing the Things I love and Things I Hate posts. I’ll credit you of course…

  5. Anonymous

    No, the Hot Potato photo is better.

  6. laurie

    I loved the anniversary letter. It made me cry!

  7. soccer mom in denial

    I LOVE press 1 to kill your husband!!

  8. Karen

    We’re in blogmind tandem. I was just thinking yesterday of pulling in my old posts from my previous blog. Bryan’s a nutter!

  9. merrymishaps

    How fun!
    I think I may have spent tonight’s blog-writing time reading all your back-stories 🙂

  10. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Karen, I will got check them out this weekend!

    And I am laughing to myself, because I realized that all the posts really are rehashes of funny things Dex and Bryan did. So, in essence, they are the best of Greeblemonkey – certainly not me! LOL!

  11. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Kim, I love delurkers! Welcome!

    And thanks so much for the compliments, I do do photography on a freelance basis!

  12. aimee / greeblemonkey

    P.S I saw that you are from S. Florida… I went to college in N. Florida… in St. Augustine!

  13. Kim

    Okay, I guess I will delurk now….I found you through Izzymom’s Rockin’ Girl Blogger Award and I am so excited to get to read all of these past posts! I also LOVE your photo spot! They’re gorgeous. Do you do this professionally? Cuz I’d totally hire you!!

  14. Jane

    Those were all fun to read! Thanks!

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