Miracles of Modern Technology

I love how we get information nanoseconds after it happens these days. Just got the word that my very good friend Teresa is in labor as of this morning. Here is the weird part, I had this overwhelming feeling about it last night and emailed her to check in. Turns out I was only a few hours early because she got her first contraction during her 4 mile morning walk/run. (Have I mentioned how impressive Teresa is? She is still running in her 9th month. I can’t get off my ass to run in any month). They are holding off breaking her water because her hubby is out of town. He is flying back as I type.

The baby is said to be a girl named Jocelyn.

Hopefully we will find out soon.

Teresa, we are thinking of you and are wishing you the best during this exciting time of your life. Hugs and kisses.

UPDATE: Jocelyn made her entrance into the world this afternoon at 35 weeks. Teresa’s water broke 15 minutes before her husband got there and Jocelyn was born 2 hours later. I’ll be sure to post pics of the little cutie when I get them.

Also, very aptly, the Dictionary.com Word of the Day is:
verisimilitude \ver-uh-suh-MIL-uh-tood; -tyood\, noun:

1. The appearance of truth; the quality of seeming to be true.
2. Something that has the appearance of being true or real.

Teresa and I often email the Word of the Day back and forth and make commentary on the cool ones. She is gonna love that this very, very cool one was the Word of the Day on her daughter’s birthday. I am sure she is surprised as any of us that she is actually here.

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