Music Monday – Jedward

Hey, yay! Blogger is letting people post again! Not that I would have had much time lately – I actually have work to do at my new venture, which I am grateful for, but is also embarrassing, seeing as I only have a “coming soon” web site plopped at Ah c’est la vie. You work when you can and then update your own web site when you can.

The cool thing about working at home is being able to blast tunes as loud as you want. My dog is really coming around to my taste in music. As well as my Irish Neighbor. I think I need to trademark that name for him. Which he’ll hate. Awesome.

ANYWAY. The point. I know I have one. I haven’t actually blogged in so long, I am having trouble focusing. Here is a mix of songs I have been listening to recently.


MAY MUSIC for you to check out.*
Link to iTunes Mix
Wrecking Ball by Mother Mother
Rider by Okkervil River
Taken for a Fool by The Strokes
Monday by The Sea and Cake
Shadow of Love by Sloan
Getting Out by Daniel Merriweather
Will Do by TV On the Radio
Pork and Beans by Weezer
Between Something and Nothing by The Ocean Blue
Love Is Noise by The Verve
People Say by Portugal the Man
Changing by The Airborne Toxic Event
Ten-Twenty-Ten by Generationals
17 And 53 by Danielle Ate The Sandwich
Got to Lose by Hollerado
The Best of Me by The Sounds
He Won’t Go by Adele


Bonus music awesomeness:
Have you heard of Eurovision? Our Irish NeighborTM introduced us to it and we have never. been. the. same. since. It’s basically a song contest that all of Europe participates in, and has been participating in since the 50’s. The acts are all over the map, some talented, some not-so-much … and then the whole continent votes for the winner.

This year’s entry from Ireland was Jedward. Jedward are ridiculous. Jedward are hilarious. Jedward have made The Irish NeighborTM‘s skin crawl. This reaction in turn made for a week full of JEDWARDMANIA on our block, just to see how far we could push The Irish NeighborTM. At one point he told me to shut up and refused to buy me any more Magner’s cider. SERIOUS STUFF, PEOPLE. The Irish NeighborTM‘s Wife told me, “Eurovision is like Christmas for me, and Jedward are like Santa.”

Alas, these teen freaks did not win. Some bizarre love song from Azerbaijan pulled it out, and YES – I *also* thought they were incorrectly pronouncing that prison from the Harry Potter movies when they were talking about these people.

Not to worry, friends. We always have Lipstick.

*Remember, I get zero kickbacks for the music I post here (unless I explicitly tell you). I just like to share the love.

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  1. Magpie

    Okay. That was totally like Christmas. Thank you for sharing Jedward.

  2. zipper

    JEDWARD!!!! Love it.

    And the mix is awesome as usual too. bought several of the songs (you SHOULD get a cut).

  3. Jenny @ Crash Test Mommy

    Dude. I thought I was the only one who remembered that song by The Ocean Blue! You are the coolest.

  4. Mary Lynn

    Ooooh…you’ve got Mother Mother, Sloan and Hollerado. This Canadian approves. 🙂

    Lots of other good stuff, too.

  5. ☼♋Mystik of Nature☾♑

    A very nice blog, I’ll love again greet

  6. Sizzle

    That video is cracking me up. The hair! The lyrics! The jackets!

  7. Vanessa

    LMAO!! So glad you have been introduced to the awesomeness that is Eurovision, Aimee. Seriously, you need to go back through the Eurovision archives and really relish those tunes, those moves, those sequins… from Abba to Jedward. Eurotrash at its best.

    Hugs from Jedwardland,

    P.S. Apparently they got to sing for the Obamas yesterday!!

    P.P.S. If he’s going to be authentic, “The Irish Neighbor” is going to need a “u”

  8. km

    Poor Irish Neighbor. I am the Irish neigbor on my block. I have introduced Magners and Crunchies to the block but JEdward. That’s just mean ! (though I’m completely cracking up at poor Irish Neighbor who must have a headache from eye-rolling)

  9. km

    Next torture for IN Johnny Logan- what’s another year??? He’ll know. He’ll know 🙂

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